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Good News To Aurangabad Carrom Lovers Maharashtra Carrom Association Official Website Launch !

Despite the impressive progress made as above one has to accept the fact that the common man has still to know the Carrom as a competitive sports activity. The spectators and Carrom lovers are mostly Carrom players or ex-Carrom players only. People at large still take Carrom to be recreational activity. They do not know how the game is played, rules and regulations, the mental skills required, in fact the features which are necessary for any sports activity. Today people who have never played a game of cricket, football, badminton, hockey and tennis know everything about these games, even the star players of the game. 

It is a matter of great distress that our people do not know who is Yogesh Pardeshi, who is a World Carrom Champion. The real task before the present officials or the committee members of the state association is to change this state of affairs. To bring Carrom on par with other sports activity popularitywise. For this the state body intends to take up this issue on war front by liaisoning with all types of media and organizing a number of activities such as holding grand championships, rally "Run for Carrom". 

launching a web site "" giving total information of Carrom and distributing promotional articles such as Calendar 2014, Wall Clock, T-Shirt, Caps, etc. as part of celebrating Diamond Jubilee Year, 60th Anniversary of the Maharashtra Carrom Association. This is only possible because of wholehearted active support of the players, well wishers, manufacturers of Carrom equipments, Sponsors, corporate and non corporate organizations without which it would be impossible to make this mission a success.

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