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Kapildhar Awesome Waterfall & Manmath Swami Mandir

Kapildhar is famous because of Manmath Swami’s Samadhi. It is deity of Lingayat sect. There is a lovely water fall its about 10 meter high. Manmath Swami wrote in Marathi and placed himself in Marathi literature He described many Abhanjas and Astang Acharan very skillfully. The ancient name of Beed was Champavati nagar. This historical city is situated on the bank of the Bindusara river. This city is surrounded by various historical places. In the south east there is an old historical temple of “Lord Shiva “ Which is known as Papneshwar. This ancient temple is deep in the ground having shivpind. The waterfalls constantly on Shivpind by the side of the temple there is square shaped well which is full of water.

In the East of the city Beed there is an ancient temple of lord Mahadeo. Named Kankaleshwar It is the master piece of scuipture. It attracts the superlative praise from sculpture This historial temple is surrounded by water. It looks magnificent. In the East of this Temple there is a temple of Khandeshwari built by Ahilyabai Holkar. Every year dashhara is celebrated very enthusiastically in the temple.

he Khandoba temple rises on the hill in front of khandeshwari temple. It is constructed in he madpanthi style. In front of the temple are a couple of very high structures called Deep malas about 100 to 200 ft. high and visible from 5 to 10 kilometres distance. They attract the attention of visitors. There is Hanuman temple beside Khandeshwari temple. In the same area there are three famous as well as historical wells known as Baravas.

Every today people drink water from these wells In the East of Khandoba temple there is another well known as mother in law and daughter in law barava. The wonder is that water tests salty in mother as water tests salty in mother in laws section thoughAA there is no wall sepating the water. Jata Shankar temple is situated in the heart of the town. It is said that when prabhu ramchandra was helplessly wandering in search of sita. He found Jataya bird in wounded condition. The bird tried to release sita from the custoday of Lankapati Ravana who fatally wounded the bird. The bird told Rama the story of sitas Kidnapping and the bird died at the feet of rama. Then prabhu ramchandra did funeral and establishment Jata shankar Near Jatn shankar temple there is famon and Ganesh temple.

In peth Beed area there is omni potent shani dev temple Shahenshahwali dargat Khajana bavdi Bendsura project Yuva shanty van Bndsura project ( Manjari ) swami samarth temple


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