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Summer Holiday Special : Towns in Himachal You've Never Heard

1. Paonta Sahib : This is a small town in District Sirmour of Himachal Pradesh. This place is situated on the border area of states Haryana and Uttaranchal. This is a beautiful place on the bank of river Yamuna, surrounded three sides by rivers.

About The Town : Paonta Sahib is named on the Sikh Guru Shri Guru Govind Sahib Ji. It is said that many years ago Sikh Guru visited this place and he went for a bath in the river Yamuna. He lost his sleeper there which was called "Pauntika" and that's why it is named as Pauntika and later become Paonta Sahib. Sahib is a sir name used for Sikh Guru. There is a beautiful temple (Gurudwara) of Shri Guru Govind Sahib and it attracts peoples towards. The temple is beautifully created on the bank of river Yamuna and sightseeing is amazing.

How to reach Paonta Sahib : from any part of the world you can reach by air to Delhi. To reach this place you can catch a flight to Dehradun (capital city of Uttaranchal) and from there you can travel through bus. It is hardly 45km from Dehradun. On the other side you can also reach to the place direct from Delhi or Chandigarh by bus. It is 300km from Delhi and 140km from Chandigarh. Bus service is available 24 hours to this place from Dehradun and Chandigarh. 

Where to stay : There are many small hotels in Paonta Sahib. You can have a nice stay there. If you are willing to stay in five star or other star rated hotels, you need to travel to Dehradun or Chandigarh. Skylark Hotel, Yamuna Hotel and Himachal Tourism resorts are the famous places to stay. You will get both veg and non veg foods here.

Attractions : there are many attractions in Paonta Sahib and nearby places. Gurudwara is the main attraction there. Pilgrims from all over north India visit this place and you can listen Kirtan all the times and free foods there. Katasan Devi temple is one of the most famous holy places near to Paonta Sahib. Apart from this Renuka lake and Suketi Fossil parks are the main attractions in nearby places.

2. Sarahan : This is a beautiful town in the hills of Himalayas. This town is situated on the Nahan-Shimla highway and is approx 35 km from Nahan. There are green trees all around and the place will attract you in the first sight. People in the town are very help full and they are always ready to welcomes you.

How to Reach : Sarahan is approx 35km from city Nahan and 100km from Shimla. You can reach to Delhi by air from any part of India or world. From there you will direct buses to Nahan and then local buses will konnect you to the place. You can catch a flight to Chandigarh or Shimla and from there you can easily reach by bus to the place. You will have a peaceful holiday at this place and cool breeze of the trees will never let you go from here.

Attractions : Sarahan is known for a temple of the lord Shiva. Pilgrims from all Himachal and nearby states comes here to take bless of the god. Few km from here you will reach Chood Dhar which is known as house of the lord Shiva. All the year this place is covered by snow and you have to walk for atleast 15km to reach this place. On the other side Solan and Kasauli are the main places to visit. These places are in the range of 50 km from here. Rajgarh and Kandaghat are the nearby places where you can spend you day while enjoying forest travels and forest safari.

Where to stay and what to eat : you will not find luxury hotels at this place but budget hotels are available. You will get both veg and non veg foods. Special Himachal foods are available here and the taste is awesome. You can get better hotels in Solan and Kasauli and this is hardly a 30 minutes drive from here. Himachali Makki di Roti and Sarson da Saag is famous dish and you will get best of it here. So make your next holiday plan to this place and I am sure you will never forgot the place.

3. Kinnaur : Kinnaur is a district in Himachal in the top hills of Himalaya. It is on the border area of India with China. It is situated in the north east corner of the state. Kinnaur is approx 235 km from Shimla. This place is famous for its apple gardens and supply of apples is made to all states in India. Highway from Shimla to Kinnaur is full of green trees and valleys full greenery and apple orchids. The old Hindustan - Tibet road is going through the area along with river Satluj bank.

Culture and peoples : Peoples in Kinnaur are very honest and they beliefs in the Buddhism and Hinduism. They believe that the Pandavas came and resided in the land while in the exile. They are hard working and always busy with their work in apple orchids. In the ancient mythology the people of Kinnaur are known as Kinners, the halfway between men and gods. These people use to travel here and there in Himalayas and keep travelling.

When to visit Kinnaur : Kinnaur is covered with snow for more than six months in a year. All around white hills attracts people here and sightseeing is amazing. Best time to visit Kinnaur is April to October. You need to wear woollen cloths all around the year as it is very cold there. 

Kinnaur Handicraft : As there is cold all the year and you need to wear woollen clothes. Kinnaur is famous for its Handloom and Handicraft items like shawls, caps, mufflers, article of wood carving, metal work and silver & gold ornaments . Kinnaur is also famous for apples, almonds, chilgoza, ogla, apricots and grapes. Woollen clothes are exported to other states in India and from there to other countries also. There are many wholesale shops at Kalpa, Reckong Peo, Karchham, Tapri etc.


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