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Reason Why Goa is called the Destination of 365 Days

Really Goa is one of the most enchanting tourism destinations of India. It is one of the sought after tourist’s destinations that people must visit at least for once in their lifetime. Referred as Jewel of India, beach capital of India, lover’s paradise, Goa is the place for one and all. Goa tourism has so much potential that it offers wonderful opportunity for memorable vacations. Below mentions are some of the reasons why it is called the destination of 365 day.  

Goa the tiny state in the south of India is globally acclaimed for its pristine sun-kissed beaches whose beauty and charm are truly unmatched to other beaches of the world. In this state there are around 39 beaches and are all of them are truly appealing and have their own charm and beauty. You will surely get hooked with the tranquility and the romantic ambiance the beaches are surrounded with. Arjuna beach is wonderful, Baga beach is where the actions of water and sea activities come into live action and Varca beach is truly fascinating having luxurious resorts and restaurants where you can enjoy mouthwatering sea food to your heart content. Truly the beaches of Goa are to fill you holidays with evergreen memories to cherish your tours to Goa forever and ever. 

Goan Essence :

Goan essence is truly one thing that holds the attentions of tourists the most. Till date the Goan essence can be felt in the heritage churches and the forts, some of which are now the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also enjoy the local mood making Goan wine also called Feni. 

Goan Food :

Goa food will make your mouth water and pamper your taste buds. Among all the multi cuisines, Goa sea food is very famous and it is surely going to add a new taste to an individual’s life. You can also enjoy vegetarian dishes as well as sweets like bebinca which has a typical aromatic taste. 

Hospitality :

Stay is Goa is truly made heavenly by the warm hospitality. People of Goa are very friendly, genuine and down to the earth. They are very helpful and help you in times of need be it where ever you are in Goa. The sincerity of the people and the humbleness truly make the stay in any place in Goa makes truly heavenly.  Beside all these there Goa is also famous for its rocking carnival, New Year parties, Christmas celebration, beach parties and many more. There is lot to see and explore in the paradise of beach lovers –Goa. 

Well if you want to explore all these enthralling attractions of Goa, you are heartily welcome. The beaches of Goa, the welcoming people, the richness of the wildlife parks and sanctuaries, the rocking carnival, the heritage attractions, etc all are waiting for you to make your holiday in Goa memorable. Avail the right package from the well known tour operator and explore the enchantments of this beautiful destination which is visited by tourists all the 365 days of the year. Surely you will cherish the moments treasured here for lifetime.

Jitender Kumar travel & tourism author tells you about and where visitors from across the world come to enjoy their holidays.

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