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Google launches Android One Smartphone Program, Now Budget Phone Boom Comes In Market !

The first news of this year's Google I/O is a new initiative that the company calls Android One. The smartphone program strives to provide a unified feature set tailored-made for the market the phone is launching in. The first smartphone to be part of the Android One comes from Micromax, one of the most popular smartphone brands in India. Its Android One smartphone packs features that are most important for users there. Those are FM Radio, Dual SIM support, microSD card and a low price.

The Micromax smartphone from Android One will cost under $100 - cheaper than the Motorola Moto E. The new smartphone also packs a 4.5" display, but Sundar Pichai didn't specify neither its resolution, nor further specifications. The Android One program guarantees that the phones that come out of it will run on the most recent Android release, as Google will push updates to those phones similar to the way it handles GPE devices.

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