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Get Six Packs with Best Exercises for Abs and Advanced Ab Workouts

If you are desperate to make six packs, know the advanced and powerful workouts of abs. Read this article to learn a variety of advanced abs exercises and workouts to increase core strength and tone your abs. Abs exercise would not reduce the fat from your body. On the other hand, we all know the significance of strong abs. A person with strong abs has ability to avoid spines. If you are desperate to make six packs then cycling can be your first step. This would also help you for reducing your waist. 

1. Firstly lie down on the floor, with your hand behind your head.
2. Pull your knees towards your lower chest and without moving your neck, slowly bring up your shoulder blades.
3. Move your upper body in the right direction and at the same time get your left leg straight. 
4. Now, slowly make your left elbow move towards right knee.
5. Perform the same for the right elbow by changing the side.
6. You should do it for 12 to 16 times for each side.

You can go for regular crunches or the decline crunches to shape up your abs. For doing any kind of exercise, you simply need to have proper diet. A good diet includes high protein and low fat food. For instance go for low fat milk and chicken breast (with removed skin). The key exercises to tighten up the abs are performing sit-ups with your back straight and knees bent at 90 degrees, second effective set is situps crunches. Many of the advanced exercises for abs are discussed further.

Do the following for 3 times a week with 3 sets with atleast 10 wraps.

Double crunches
1. First you lie down on the bench or floor. Now bend your knees and keep hands behind your head. Maintain the stability of your head and mind the gap between your chests and chin.
2. Now feel the effort on abdomen and bring up your shoulders with a slight movement in your knees towards chest. 
3. Get back to the initial posture and perform the repetitions.Plank superman

Get your body into a plank position. In this position lift your left leg and right arm from the floor level. Lock yourself in this posture for 1 minute. Get back to the initial position and do the repetitions. Do the same for opposite arm and leg. 

This is effective for your lower back.
1. Lie upside down on the floor. Get the palms flatten on the floor.
2. At the same moment lift about 6 inches in the air, your left leg and right arm. Take care that you are not bending your arm and leg. 
3. Pause yourself in the position for at least 5 seconds and repeat for any number of times as per your strength. 

1. Your initial position will be same as that was in double crunches with the only difference in your hand. Extend your arms to point towards ceiling. Do take care of the gap between the chests and chin.
2. Similar to double crunches lift up yourself and try to touch your feet with your hand. 
3. Get back in the initial posture and repeat it in 3 sets of sixteen wraps each. 

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