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A Quick Review on Marathi Movie Por Bazzar

Por Bazaar is the story of five youngsters, namely Ajay, Manjiri, Samar, Vishal and Raghini, who often bunk lectures and go to cinema halls, parks and other places for time pass. On one such occasion when the 5 are hanging out, they encounter a weird house and few people in it. The movie then is the adventure of these inquisitive 5 who get intrigued by this house, the people there and eventually enter the house to reveal a truth.

Star Cast : Ankush Chaudhari, Sai Tamhankar, Chitra Nawathe, Swanand Kirkire, Chinmayee Sumeet, Prajakta Kulkarni, Swarangi Marathe, Satya Manjrekar, Anurag Worlikar, Dharmaj Joshi, Sakheel Parchure, Swapnil Joshi

  • Produced By : Ashwini Ranjit Darekar
  • Directed By : Manava Naik
  • Music By : Shailendra Barve
  • Lyrics By : Guru Thakur, Shrirang Godbole, Mandar
  • Country : India
  • Language : Marathi
  • Screenplay By : Parag Kulkarni
  • Genre : Adventurous Drama
  • Release Date : September 19, 2014
Tags : por bazzar, marathi movie por bazzar, sai tamhankar, chitra nawathe, ankush chaudhari

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