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Enticing Locations in India

From the snow kissed mountains, sun-washed shores and holy pilgrimage sites, India is really a remarkable country and a territory of diversity which has a lot for exploration. Excursions to India are always perpetual because of numerous enticing tourist locations - from lovely villages to hi-tech cities. Diverse landscapes, fabulous and delectable food and colourful festivals make India an attractive tourist destination. Many of its priceless architectural gems are honoured with the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Whether it's the forts and palaces of Rajasthan, the Himalayas, exquisite designs of Ajanta also Ellora Caves, backwaters of Kerala or fun-filled shores of Goa, India is actually a country where you can get the best of your holidays. The 7 most visited and enticing locations in India are 

1. Delhi : Delhi is the capital city of India. The first footsteps of any traveller coming to India will fall in Delhi. The culture and history of Delhi is rich. Because of easy access to other locations in India from Delhi, Delhi have always been the favourite of rulers and conquerors of India. The Mughal and British influence is dominant in the architectural marvels in Delhi. Red Fort, Jama Masjid, India Gate, Jantar Mantar, Qutub Minar, all are the famous monuments that represent Delhi. Delhi is a blend of authenticity and modernity. Some parts of the city have sky scrapping malls and hotels and other places like Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk and Paharganj take you back in the history. In all, the Delhi is the best place for tourists who want to explore a part of the history. 

2) Hampi : Located in state of Karnataka, Hampi is actually a village which can be accessed from Vijayanagara. Vijayanagara had been the dynasty and Hampi was the final financing capital of it .Currently, it is known as the great Hindu kingdom in the history of India. Hampi is known for ancient temples and historical ruins that are together called the Monuments Group of Hampi. Hampi is also famous for prehistoric galleries, marketplaces, roads, forts, palaces, museums and temples. 

3) Ajanta& Ellora Caves : Ajanta & Ellora Caves are famous for being cut and built by hands. The caves were actually built by the humans in prehistoric times. Situated in the state of Maharashtra, they have ancient temples which portray the abundance in culture of India. The caves of Ajanta are famous for sculptures and paintings, the caves in Ellora are renowned for their stunning ancient architecture. These caves are claimed to be the store of rich architecture of India. The best time to visit Ajanta and Ellora cave is in spring season. As it is very easy to get Indian Visa during this season and at this time of the year, the greenery of this place will leave you mesmerized. 

4) Khajuraho : In the state of Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho catches visitors with its architectural attractiveness. The temples of Khajuraho are the evidence of India's historical past. These temples are the symbols of belief, religion and dedication and their walls have sensual sculptures carved which indicate that you must leave all your desires behind before entering inside the temple. Hence, it's really an ideal combination of science and tradition. Also, the landscape of Madhya Pradesh and the natural beauty of this place attract flocks of tourists. 

5) Agra : Taj Mahal is the world famous attraction in Agra. This ancient monument covers a timeless tale of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan who built Taj Mahal to dedicate it to his wife Mumtaz. The mentionable part of the tomb is the fact that its colour changes with the passing of the day. Agra even offers many other remarkable traveller spots that appeal to tourists. Tourists can get excellent shopping and entertainment experience. 40 km from Agra is the Fatehpur city, known for its forts and palaces. The trip to Agra is incomplete without a visit to Fatehpur. 

6) Kerala : Kerala is also known as the God's own country and is one of the most beautiful places in India. The natural beauty of Kerala is breath-taking. With beautiful beaches, forests, hill stations and valleys, Kerala deserves the title of being called as God's own country. Kerala is also famous for Ayurveda. Resorts made in the lap of nature and at the best locations in Kerala, offer spas that do treatments of common problems based on the principles of Ayurveda. Kerala is the best place to relax and rejuvenate your energy naturally. 

7) Goa : Goa is synonymous with parties, fun, food, chapels and beaches. The shores of the gold beaches of Goa are aligned with palm trees. There are all facilities available on the beaches for fun like sailing, wind-surfing and water-skiing. Anjuna Beach and Dauna Paula Beach are the popular beaches here. One can opt for lavish cruises or enjoy the entertaining night life around the shores and explore the limitless fun in Goa. Goa is flocked with tourist all time of the year .It is easy to get Indian Visa, and Goa is comparatively cheaper party destination as compared to other cities. This is why party animals who don't want a big hole in their pockets, yet want to enjoy prefer Goa.

Written By :  Hannah brooklyn


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