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How to Make Safe Tattoos on This Navratri Festival

As we know, unhealthy tattoos are like to cause some infectious and skin diseases. For sake of self safety, you'd better choose a professional and qualified tattoo shop. Body care after tattooing is also an important part. Here are some tips on how to make safe tattoos.

Sanitary equipment

Make sure that the tattoo equipment are sanitary enough. Tattoos can be seen as small operations, so it's essential to keep the equipment clean. Tattoo operators should use disposable gloves and needles, and the tattoo machines that are made from stainless steel material are advisable.

Pigment quality

It's not popular to use common tattoo dyes and ink, but liquid plant pigment that are soaked in alcohol. As plant pigment is extracted from natural plants, they will not cause infections when infiltrated into skin. It's very dangerous to choose animal blood or cinnabar as pigment, like dove blood.

Self care

In the process of tattooing, it's better to clean or stop bleeding tattoo parts with adrenaline. After tattooing, scrub tattoos with warm boiled water and keep them dry for about a week; otherwise, it will cause infection and cause the skin rotting. Do not apply alcohol or gentian violet on pricked wounds. Alcohol can irritate wounds and the latter one can destroy tattoo colours. You are advised to apply professional tattoo ointment or medical vaseline on tattoo wounds. Two or three hours later, clean the ointment and blood stains with warm water and dry wounds with absorbent cotton or professional paper towel. When you finish these steps, do not use any other ointment. It's normal that you have itchy skin and skin peels a few days after tattooing. Remember not to scratch the tattoos, or the wounds may get infectious or decolouring.

All in all, for safe and unharmed body artPsychology Articles, you should pay attention to detailed procedure of tattooing. follow we give some exciting example of tattoos Enjoy


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