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Popular Navratri Recipes For Navratri Fast

Navratri is one of the auspicious festivals, celebrated with great devotion, belief, love and fervor in India and around the world. This religious festival is dedicated to Goddess Shakti. It is celebrated twice in a year in March and October, named as Chaitra Navratri and Sharad Navratri. Between both Navratri, Sharad Navratri is more famous so the main celebration usually comes during Sharad Navratri, generally lies in the end of September or beginning of October. 

Devotees follow some pre defined rituals during Navratri Puja. This Puja is also known as Durga Puja and it plays a significant role in the life of each and every individual as it gives them purity and perfection. People start puja after taking bath early in the morning and then offer flowers, fruits and sweets like laddoo and peda to the Goddess. This puja is performed till nine days and nights of Navratri. Some devotees observe fasting till seven or eight days and some preferred fasting for only first and last day of festival. Few people even observe a nirahar fast. It is believed that people who worship nine forms of Maa Durga and do fasting during nine days of Navratri, they are blessed with happiness, wisdom and prosperity. Chaitra Navratri 2013 dates are from 11th April to 19th April.

During Navratri people observe fasting for nine days and eat only one meal, generally at sunset. Specific ingredients and vegetables are used that may differ from region to region. Spices are restricted to red chilies, turmeric and cumin seeds and only rock salt (sendha namak) can be used. At the time of Navratri vrat, people eat fruits, sweets, curd, milk and dishes made by root vegetables and avoid non-vegetarian food, alcohol and those dishes that are made of common salt or any kind of spice.

Navratri meal has special courses and is strictly vegetarian. Even onion and garlic are not allowed due to their foul smell. There are many Navratri recipes that can be savored during fasts. Kuttu Ki Puri, Kele Ke Kofte, Aloo Khichdi, Saboodana Vadaa, Singhara Ke Burfee, Kele Ki Barfi, Kaddu Ka Raita, Banana Chips and many other recipes are there which can be prepared for Navratri vrat. These all dishes are easy to prepare, you will have to remember just few points to cook. 

During Navratri festival, you can send gifts to your near and dear ones with blessings. There are lot of things to offer as gifts to kids, relatives and friends. The festivities are augmented with a lively gathering of people; which is an essence of festivals in India.


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