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Top 10 Places to Visit in York by Road

In case are planning for a vacation in the UK, you may want to consider fixing your schedule to allow you tour North Yorkshire in England. By rankings, York city is the third most frequented city by tourists in England after London and Manchester. York is primarily famous for donating its name to New York in the United States. This city, which is enjoyed independence as a county for hundreds of years, has a vibrant history dating back to the times before establishment of the Roman Empire. Despite being a small city in current times, York hosts numerous attractive destinations for romantic contexts and even adventurous visitors. In understanding the historical background of the city, visitors can travel by road to specific destinations. Apart from being rich in history, the city also offers natural and amazing scenes. Among the top 10 places to visit by road are discussed below. 

I. National Railway Museum 

This railway museum features as one of the leading destinations for the whole family. Presently, it is the largest railway museum in the whole world. The museum's site, which ushers in visitors between 10AM and 5PM, can be accessed from York central business district through Leeman road. The museum contains historical collection of British railway documents and artifacts. 

II. York Castle Museum 

York Castle Museum is another suitable destination for a family. This award winning setting provides an opportunity to witness exhibitions from the medieval ages. 

III. Clifford's Tower 

York hosts the famous tower built in the 13th Century by Henry III as a fortress. Clifford tower, which is the only representation of medieval castles in York, is situated in the middle of the city; hence visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire town. 

IV. Eboracum Legion House 

This house is famous for being the military home to the Roman ninth legion. This attraction site is located in St Sampson's Square near York Minster. The house hosts the last remnants portraying Roman military life. 

V. York Dungeon 

This is an excellent destination for children entertainment. York Dungeon displays features of both the Roman and Viking kings. 

VI. York Maze 

York Maze is undeniably another suitable destination for children. Being the largest maze in the world, the site allows children to play popular games like hide and seek among other activities. 

VII. Merchant Hall 

Merchant Adventurers' Hall is located at Fossgate, a few minutes' drive from York city. In the medieval period, the hall hosted rooms for different purposes namely; religion, business and charity. It is one of the finest guildhalls in Europe still standing today. 

VIII. York City Walls 

Before the Roman conquest, York city was under heavy fortification. The city wall was built nearly 2500 years ago, only to be destroyed during the Roman invasion. Currently, there is only 2 miles in length of the wall remaining, hence featuring as a fine representation of ancient ruins. 

IX. York Minster 

York Minster, which dates back to the 8th Century, is regarded as the largest cathedral in Northern Europe. The cathedral represents religious buildings of the Gothic people and still offers church services today. 

X. King's Manor 

Currently, King's Manor is part of the University of York. The manor was used as the royal headquarters for the Roman rulers in British Rome. All the mentioned places are within short driving distances in York city. Having successfully completed dsa driving test, anyone can take a ride to these various destinations.

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