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Trendy Fashionable Navratri Chaniya Choli

It is yet another time to welcome winter, a cold cosmic energy. The greatest of all Navratri festivals is soon approaching. Any woman looking forward to seek divine intervention from Durga ought to look her very best in a Navratri special saree. A Navratri dress collection comprise of chaniya choli, which are available online. One need not be an Indian to enjoy the festivities as they welcome people from all over the globe. Women dress in long skirts, the chaniya choli to express the power of their femininity.

Navratri is an Indian festival whose literal meaning is nine nights. For 9 nights and 10 days, Hindu devotees gather together in homes and in temples to worship Durga, a Mother Goddess. There are five different Navratri festivals celebrated whenever ushering a new season. However, the most significant is the Sharad Navratri marked in between September and October. During the festival devotees, worship the Goddess of power while seeking divine purification, wisdom and spiritual wealth. As such, believers expect an all rounded power for success in life. Devotees and spectators are treated to Garba dance among other dances. It is usually very interesting even to the natives themselves.

Since the nine days are for making merry with friends and family, women should be in their best ceremonial dresses. The traditional Navratri chaniya choli should therefore be full of decorations. A woman can also make a fashion statement with a Navratri special saree. Most sarees have stimulating colors and glisten even though they are heavy. The wearer cannot feel cold during the Sharad Navratri due to the heavy weight. However, on onset of summer, lighter sarees may be won. This means that the weather dictates the kind of dressing in as much as comfort is concerned.

The sarees and cholis are made from various fabrics as well. Depending on the financial capability of the wearer, she can look ravishing with various embellishments on the Navratri special saree from Gold to silver. Similarly, the fabrics are in variety with silk being the most preferred. Other fabrics include velvet, georgette, jacquard and crepe silk among others. These are rich fabrics to match the grand festivities of Navratri.

Merry makers can also exchange gifts of Navratri chaniya choli and sarees since giving gifts is a sign of bestowing good luck on the receivers. The givers also hope to get good luck by giving. The goddess power is unleashed not only in worship, but also in dressing. Designers who create unique designs to suit the wearers also express their passion in dressmaking during the festival. Designers can exhibit their prowess in fashion by creating exceptional designs.

The navratri chanya choli has intricate designs to suit the wearer. In addition, one can choose various fabrics to display the grandeur of the festivities. The femininity of the traditional dress should be emphasized in order to go inline with the subject matter of navratri. The objective of the festival is worshiping of a Mother Goddess, who gives cosmic power to all living and non-living things. As such, the celebrations should be marked with pomp, color, style, intrigue and charisma.

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