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13,528 voters exercise NOTA in Aurangabad

As many as 13,528 voters in nine assembly segments of this district have exercised 'None Of The Above' (NOTA) button in Maharashtra assembly election, the results of which were declared yesterday. NOTA was introduced by the Election Commission since the recent Lok Sabha election. As per the results available with the local election office here, the highest of 3,011 voters cast NOTA in Sillod assembly constituency, followed by 2,094 in Kannad, 1,661 in Phulambri, 1,382 in Paithan, 1,313 in Gangapur, 1,206 in Vaijapur, 1,114 in Aurangabad-West, 833 in Aurnagabad-Central and 786 in Aurangabad- East.

Before introduction of the NOTA option, people casting negative votes were required to enter their names in a register and cast their votes on a separate ballot paper.


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