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Aurangabad: The City Known for Its Unforeseen Royalty and Lavishness

If you are fond of visiting historical places and love to solve the mystery of the historical events, then Aurangabad will be the best place to quench your thirst to visit a historical place. It is located on the right bank of Kham River. The story behind its existence is related to the medieval period of Indian history. The Mughal emperor when was made its viceroy, he renamed the city as Aurangabad after his name Aurangzeb. Aurangabad is the famous tourist place in Maharashtra where a glance of historical caves can be seen. These caves were excavated in the century between 2nd and 6th AD.

You can reach Aurangabad easily by adopting any of the transporting modes described below. How to reach Aurangabad by Air- You can reach Aurangabad by taking direct flight to Aurangabad from the various big cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The airport is just 10 km away from the centre of the city. How to reach Aurangabad by rail- You can reach Aurangabad by taking any route to Aurangabad. Many trains have good connectivity to run from Mumbai to Aurangabad. How to reach Aurangabad by Road- If you are planning to go to Aurangabad by road then various luxury buses ply between Mumbai to Aurangabad and Aurangabad to Ajanta Ellora caves.

Best Season to visit Aurangabad - The best season to visit Aurangabad is from Oct to March which is neither too hot nor too cold. Climate at Aurangabad- Aurangabad lies in Maharashtra, therefore, it has fine climate round the year. In summer – 20°C-40°C

In winter- 10°C-30°C Let’s see what the most fascinating things about Aurangabad : Ajanta and Ellora caves- Ajanta and ellora caves need no description to expose their importance. The caves were excavated by hands when many Buddhists and monks took shelter in these caves to protect themselves from rains. The art and sculpture craved on the hard rocks are their thoughts and views. These caves are very famous not only in India but in the whole world. 

Bibi ka Maqbara- Biwi ka Maqbara is made on the footprints of Taj Mahal. It is almost resembles Taj Mahal. It is built in the memory of the Begum Rabia Durani, by the Aurangzeb’s son Prince Azam Shah in 1678. The tomb and other structural layout will give you the similar remembrance of Taj Mahal. It is located 5 km away from the Aurangabad.

Khultabad - Khultabad is known for the tomb of Aurangzeb built after his death.

Himroo factory - Known for the world famous fabrics, shawls, printed sarees, etc.

Panchakki - In early day’s Panchkki was used as a water mill for grinding grains for pilgrims and saints. It is the live example of the scientific technology used in past times.

Museums, Temples and Mosques, Shopping sites and Bazaars - These sites can be seen to know more about the culture and customs of Aurangabad city and its people. Let’s enter into the gateway of world heritage with the glorious city of Aurangabad and enjoy the never seen and never felt experience of your life.



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