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Importance of Marigold Flower in Festive Season of India

You can't envision Dussehra without splendid yellow / orangecoloured marigold flowers. Traditionally, dussehra beautifications show marigold flowers, a image of vitality and beauty. The blossoms are especially required for adoring the ghats amid the Navratri. Marigold means 'hallowedness and affection',which is utilized broadly by fans for each festival, especially Dussehra.

Individuals enhance doors of their homes and shops with torans made up of marigold blossoms and Apta leaves. Also, tools of trade, vehicles, machinery, weapons and books are worshipped. The leaves of Apta tree are sold in masses as they are traded among companions and relatives as 'gold'on Dussehra. Marigolds hold an extraordinary noteworthiness for blossom vendors. The business blooms amid this some piece of the year.marigold blossoms get significance on celebrations like Dussehra and Lakshmi Pujan. These blossoms are sold at businesses between Rs 60 to Rs 80 for every kg.

Suresh Kakde,a bloom trader says,''the happy season gives a help to the whole market. Flower business sector is important.during Dussehra,marigold deal is grinding away's peak. It brings great earnings for the season. Marigold is accessible in yellow and orange shades.'' Subhash Thite, another bloom ventor,''marigold blooms are viewed as promising amid Dussehra festival. People purchase blossoms in mass for pujas and house decorations. Marigold wreaths and mango leaves are sold on a huge scale as they are utilized for revering vehicles and other weapons. We offer festoons with distinctive sizes.'' 

Divya Mukherjee,a collegian,says,''marigold blooms are utilized practically for each custom performed amid Dussehra. It is charming to see the whole market painted in yellow or orange amid Dussehra. We use marigold blossoms to adorn rangolis.'' She says for floor decoration,they use diyas and marigold flowers,which fill the air with beauty and portrays formal importance."


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