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Maharashtra has wasted its 15 years under Congress-NCP rule Said Modi At Aurangabad

The Prime Minister said this election will decide the fate of Maharashtra. While addressing his third rally today at Aurangabad in Maharashtra, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made mincemeat of Congress and NCP saying that Maharashtra has wasted 15 years under their rule. “Maharashtra has wasted its 15 years under Congress-NCP rule. Now Maharashtra shouldn’t waste even a day. The decision has to be taken on October 15,” Modi said in Aurangabad (Data Source:

Modi caught the imagination of the people of Aurangabad by starting his speech in Marathi. Amid cheers, he said that instead of thinking about who will/will not become MLA, we need to think about how to build Maharashtra. He further said that this huge crowd tells us which way the wind is blowing. Calling Maharashtra big brother of Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Maharashtra used to be number one in India, now it’s nowhere. Who is responsible? Will you give power to the same people again. Maharashtra is big brother of Gujarat. Still, why Maharashtra has lagged behind?

He further invoked the legacy of Shivaji, “This is the land of Shivaji. The son of this soil have never stayed behind. Without Maharashtra, even Delhi can’t move ahead. This is my responsibility to take Maharashtra ahead, so that India moves forward. However, he explained, “If the current Government remains in power, then whatever I send from Delhi, it won’t reach you. If I want to do anything in the State, will this Government let me do anything? They won’t even share stage with me. Maharashtra needs BJP Government so that if I want to do anything for the State, the Government here doesn’t create trouble.”

Touching upon the local issue, he said that in India after Taj Mahal, Aurangabad has the potential to attract most tourists. If we want to attract tourists here, we need to keep Aurangabad clean. He further elaborated how his Japan and US visit will help Maharashtra and India, “Japan has decided to build industrial park in Aurangabad. This will provide employment opportunities to many near Aurangabad. India and US together will make cheaper medicines for TB, Dengue and Malaria.”

He emphasised upon the need for full majority to BJP in Maharashtra, “If you give us full mandate, then we will give you complete report card after 5 years. After that we will have no excuse, we will bear full responsibility.” He attacked Congress for widespread corruption, “Those who have emptied countries wealth, they deserve empty EVM machines. What Congress couldn’t do in 60 years, we have done in 60 days.” He also highlighted his various initiatives including Make in India and Jan Dhan Yojana. 

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Follow is the Complete Speech of Narendra Modi in Aurangabad


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