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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations In Bahrain

Honeymoon is a form of short holiday which is normally experienced by newlyweds to enjoy and celebrate their marriage in seclusion and intimacy. It is mostly in cool and romantic destinations to enhance its purpose. The couples are then left with private and ample time to share in their love. Mostly, it takes off on the night when the couples get married. The couples then need a conducive place and environment to express their love to each other-Bahrain turns out to be richly of importance when it comes to such destinations. It has most of the world’s best places for honeymoons!

Bahrain has green oasis giving it a truly fascinating and authentic image. This attracts such functions to be held in the place. The best moments in terms of time to have your honeymoon in Bahrain is between November and February when the temperatures seems to be relatively low and favorable.Most of this places appears to five stars Hotels. Lets now focus on some of these major golden destinations for honeymoon in Bahrain that no one ought to miss out when their time comes: This will greatly make your spouse want to marry you all over again in her lifetime.

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It is in Manama and offers one of the best honeymoon packages which include massages for couples. It stands out as excellent and spacious rooms more than you would ever ask for. Its charges are also favorable making it well worth the stay being a high class five star Hotel.


It is a five star Hotel located about 0.5 km from the Manama center. It is next to Bahrain World Trade Center. Its amenities are one among the best with an open- air pool and a court for rooftop tennis. It has about 256 rooms which are greatly equipped and furnished to ensure satisfaction to the fullest while in your honeymoon. 


It is situated in Manama’s diplomatic zone- a small distance from Bahrain International Airport and provides air conditioned rooms which are well arranged and designed to ensure comfort ability. It is spacious enough with green environments- a conducive factor for honeymoons. 

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Dragon Hotel and Resort

It is a five star Hotel situated in Manama, Bahrain. It’s quite beautiful and provides one of the most fashionable amenities. The place is cool and quiet ensuring privacy. It has best services compared to many Hotels of the same class and offers the best moments to enjoy and have full fun during your honeymoon!

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It’s located near Bahrain International Airport and provides well furnished and decorated rooms to its visitors. This is a place that leaves you fully satisfied through its quality services to its customers- giving you no other option but to come again and again. It offers conducive environment for most honeymoons. 

In conclusion, honeymoon is considered by many as a blow-budget holiday. This are the people that feel that going for honeymoon is a waste of time and money. Honeymoon is intensely spent to devote some time with ones soul mate without external interferences. Honeymoon brings a sense of togetherness to understand each other- bringing some unforgettable memories back home. Looking for a precious destination for your honeymoon? Bahrain remains your only true cost destination for this!You only need a Bahrain Visa which is easy to acquire if from another country- and that is it!

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