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Travel Tips for North East India

A part of the seven sisters North East India is a region that is left unexplored due to its topography and formidable terrain. With mountains, rainforests and hills dominating the region, this is a region filled with predators and is not full of proper infrastructure. Yet the region has a charm of its own and is a biodiversity hub with the best kind biodiversity density ever found.

There are some travel tips for North East India for your convenience. To begin with, pack suitable clothes and this has to be done depending on the weather here in North East India. You should also make sure that you have all the train and flight tickets and that your hotel bookings are organized. Have the best kind of travel arrangements for reaching and coming from the airport or the station. When you are exploring North East India, you have to be careful of pickpockets. Do not go out alone in the night. Also, take care of your valuables like mobiles, laptops, jewelries etc, as you should be wary of thieves. Have a safety deposit box at the hotel and use it to store your valuables. In case you have children with you make sure you accompany them wherever you go. Do not carry too much cash as there are chances of theft. It is better to use ATMs whenever the need arises.

Guwahati for example is a great destination to visit with a huge river base. There are local cruises and ferries, which make your travel convenient. Be aware of the right kind of transport for every locale. You would also get good opportunities to see live concerts etc. With care and caution, you can have a memorable holiday with your loved ones.


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