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Travel Tips to Kashmir

Visit the beautiful Kashmir valley and enjoy this heaven on earth. Any tourist coming here would simply be blown over by the sheer beauty of the entire place and the enchantment of the land. Tourists come here and undertake pilgrimages to Amarnath, Jama Masjid, Hazratbhair Mosque and Mata Vaishno Devi. Make sure you plan the trip so that you make all the bookings in advance. There are certain permits that you require to visit such places like Vaishno Devi and Amarnath. The pilgrims should have all the documents ready in hand when they go to such places.

Ensure that you are physically fit to undergo the strenuous treks up the hills of Amarnath, as there is lot of walking and physical work to be done. Most of the sites here are at a great height. Pilgrims thus should have medicines, warm clothes, first aid kit and other such items. Warm clothes and the first aid kit is a necessity. All the shrines here are overcrowded and so you really need lot of patience to survive this trip. There are lot of rules that are to be obeyed. So do not feel bogged down by these instructions.

Pilgrims also should have a lot of woollen clothes like woollen trousers, drawers, sweaters, monkey cp etc. You should also have wind cheater, so make sure that you are able to be well equipped and well prepared for outings like this. Take rain oat, blankets, seeping bags, umbrella and water poof shoes. You can also have a walking stick, torch etc. the ladies are asked not to take the safari treks and they are asked to protect themselves from the disease. Thus travel tips ensure your trips to Kashmir are safe and comfortable.


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