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'Kill Dil' collects Rs.20 crore in opening weekend

Director Shaad Ali's Kill Dil, a thriller about guns and romance, managed to earn about Rs.20 crore in three days, says an expert. Produced by Aditya Chopra, "Kill Dil" features Govinda, Ranveer Singh, Ali Zafar and Parineeti Chopra. Kill Dil hit about 1,800 screens Nov 14 and the budget was about Rs.25 to 30 crore. It has collected approximately Rs.20 crore in three days. We were expecting more from it. It hasnt been appreciated by people, Rajesh Thadani of Multimedia Combines told IANS.

Directed by Bharat Jain, horror movie 6-5=2, which released along with Kill Dil, couldnt spook the moviegoers either. It was a disaster. It earned approximately Rs.25 lakh, he said. M.S. Sathyus 1970s directorial Garam Hawa, starring Balraj Sahni, Shaukat Azmi, Gita Siddharth and Farooq Shaikh, also re-released on Friday. While it was appreciated by the niche audience, it didnt create fireworks at the box office. It earned between Rs.5 and Rs.10 lakh. It is only for niche audiences, said Thadani.


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