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Uddhav Thackeray in Marathwada to assess situation

Shiv Sena President Uddhav Thackeray, along with elected Sena MLAs and MPs has begun his Marathwada tour today from Nanded district, where he will visit scarcity hit areas and meet with affected farmers in the entire region. According to party sources here today, Thackeray and all 63 elected Sena MLAS and MPs have arrived at Nanded, from where they will begin their visit to the affected areas and visit relatives of those farmers who have committed suicide. Many farmers in the region ended their lives due to infertility of land caused by low rainfall this year, coupled with loss of crops due to the unseasonal rainfall and erratic weather. 

They alleged that improper planning and insufficient rainfall in the region, has created a drought like situation in nearly 8,000 villages of Marathwada region's eight districts. As per his visit schedule, Thackeray will hold a discussion with traders regarding the LBT issue after his arrival, following which he will meet leaders of some Dalit outfits in connection to the 'Javkheda murders', where Dalits where brutally killed in the last months.

After completing his city tour, he will proceed to, and take stock of situation at the Vishnupuri project. He will also meet with parents of the farmers who committed suicide at Bhabulgaon and visit Ussmanpur and Loha tehsils to interact with farmers who have lost their crops. He will then be proceeding to Gagakhed and Mantha tehsils in Parbhani district later this afternoon, sources added.

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