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Aurangabad to host 4th HOG Western Rally

Harley-Davidson is all about brotherhood and camaraderie, something that the bike-maker is known for the world over. With a presence in over 120 countries and over 1.3 Million members from across the world, H.O.G. is one of the largest and most successful global communities. Harley-Davidson India has, over the past 5 years, led the way in developing the culture of leisure motorcycling in India by working on similar ethos and in line is the fourth edition of the H.O.G.(Harley Owners Group) Western Rally. The latest edition of the HOG Western rally will be held at Aurangabad, the city known as the ‘City of Gates’ is literally all set open all its gates for the riders rendezvous from April 17 to the 19, 2015

The previous edition of HOG Western Rally drew over 350 Harley owners in Udaipur last year and this time around huge participation is expected. The three day event will also include customization competitions, inter-H.O.G. Chapter activities, live music and a H.O.G. ride to the majestic Ellora caves. Harley- Davidson India conducts H.O.G rallies at regular intervals, for customers to meet, ride and experience the brotherhood. The Western Rally will also provide riders the taste of Harley-Davidson lifestyle over the weekend.


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