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Heavy pre monsoon rain lashes Marathwada region

Heavy showers of pre-monsoon continued to lash the city as well as several parts in the region last night, have brought some respite to the people and farmers who were reeling under the scorching heat for the past couple of months. Talking to UNI, Chikalthana weather officials told the city recorded 18. 6 mm rainfall yesterday.

They further stated that monsoon may hit any time in the state. The pre-monsoon in several parts of the Marathwada region has brought cheers on the face of panic stricken farmers. According to the Divisional Commissioner office, there was a total 27. 72 average mm rainfall recorded in the entire the region since June, which is the 51.

  • 81 mm of expected rainfall and 3.
  • 57 mm of Annual average rainfall.
  • Districtwise rain fall since June 1 is as follows, 
  • Jalna registered 42.
  • 21 mm rainfall, the highest rainfall followed by 37.
  • 26 mm in Aurangabad, 29.
  • 31 mm in Latur, 29.
  • 14 Osmanabad, 27.
  • 89 mm in Beed, 27.
  • 57 in Hingoli, 15.
  • 95 in Parbhani and the lowest 12.
  • 45 mm in Nanded district.
More than 380 farmers committed suicides due to the scarcity, infertility and heavy debt from banks and private money lenders.


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