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Audi A3 celebrates 20th anniversary with over 3.6 million units produced

The Audi A3 has to be credited for creating the compact luxury segment which was then populated by the Mercedes A Class and BMW 1 Series. The first Audi A3 rolled out of the company’s mother plant at Ingolstadt, Germany, on September 18, 1995. 20 years and three model generations later, the entry level compact luxury model has grown as a family. So far over 3.6 million A3 cars were produced (3,647,833 units to be precise). Initially, the car was available only in three-door and five-door hatchback body styles. Currently, the A3 family includes three-door hatchback, five-door Sportback, sedan and cabriolet body styles. The car also 

adopts different powertrain types including petrol, diesel, CNG and petrol hybrid (e-tron). While the Ingolstadt plant continues to build the hatchback variants of the A3, the sedan and cabriolet body styles are being manufactured at Gyor, Hungary. Audi’a Chinese plant at Foshan builds the Sportback and sedan variants while the Indian’s subsidiary’s Aurangabad CKD assembly plant managed to build 10,000 units of the A3 sedan in a short span of time. Soon, production will commence in Brazil. Today, one in every five Audis sold worldwide belongs to the A3 family. In emerging markets like India, the A3 is poised to seal a  permanent place as the best selling Audi.

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