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Rural India goes techy ! Embraces Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal this festive season

As the country's economic situation improves, the technology market is spreading its wings wider, covering the gap between India and Bharat, thanks to the e-commerce market. With cut throat competition among cell phone manufacturers, smartphones have gone from being a gadget of the business community to being a common man's tool. Add to this, the telecom companies scrambling to provide cheap data packs and internet services to stay on top of the competition, browsing on mobile phones has become more affordable for everyone. 

And rural India isn't far away -- with prices for a basic smartphone dropping to as low as Rs 5,000, it is likely that they have a phone and access their options on it rather than on a computer or even a laptop, which costs a lot more even for the most basic model. With Diwali just around the corner, the three big players in the e-commerce segment in India -- Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal -- geared up for a massive sale last week. Flipkart called it the Big Billion Day sale, now in its second season, and the other two players soon joined in, with their own announcements. Going by the sheer numbers doing the rounds since the sale has ended, it can be said that the sale was a huge success for all the three companies. In fact, they did much better than last year, by adding huge capacities and creating larger servers before the sale went online, to handle the onslaught of eager shoppers.

After the sale there were some interesting statistics that suggest that all the three companies had huge takers from the rural market -- an interesting shift and addition to the companies' market shares.

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