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Diwali Shopping and Celebration

Here comes the festival of lights! Call it Diwali, Devali or Deepavali. This festival brings a bountiful of auspicious blessings to one and all of us. The festival has a great importance and hence is celebrated with lots of pomp and gaiety. Diwali is one festival which comes with the biggest shopping season in India. More than anything else, this festival begins with a lot of advance shopping. Therefore, a lot of people make the most out of the shopping season. 

Diwali starts with Lakshmi poojan, the Goddess that signifies wealth, fortune and prosperity. Many people buy gold and silver coins carved with the image of God and Goddess on it. Lakshmi Poojan is also done with a bag of these coins. Jewellery showrooms in Mumbai are crowded during this season. They are also gifted to the relatives and guests. The coins are considered to be a piece of lucky charm and are said to bring fortune and happiness in the lives of one who receives it. The list of Diwali decoration items is never ending. It includes diyas, lanterns, flowers, garlands, door hangings, rangoli powder, attractive candles, etc. Rangoli plays an important role during the festival. Every entrance is decorated with beautiful rangoli designs. Diwali rangoli colors are available in different shades in the market. The significance of the festival is the colorful lanterns which are hung down the ceiling of the windows and doors to mark the celebration. Laterns and diyas are available in different shapes, colors and sizes. Diwali lights are available in lovely colors. Homes are decorated with flowers and every corner of the room smells pleasant. 

People shop for new clothes, mostly traditional wear during the festival. Clothing stores are filled with traditional as well as western clothes. Mumbai has a wide range of destinations from where one can buy best quality and variety of fabrics and readymade garments. With shopping comes people's demand for home appliances. There are number of sale, discounts and offers available during the season. Kitchen appliances, electronics shopping, home appliances shopping is heavily done during this period. More than anything else Diwali is known for its sweets. The stores are flooded with sweets which mainly include Faral. It is specially prepared for the festival. Diwali sweets includes chakali, karanji, laddu, shankarpali, chiwda and much more. The aroma of delicious sweets fills the air and one cannot resist tasting these mouth watering dishes. Homes are filled with family, friends and relatives and exchanging of gifts is a big part of this festive tradition. One can buy interesting gifts during the festival. Gifts may include flowers, sweets, clothes and jewellery. 

As the festival resemble lights, people celebrate it by lighting crackers. Every evening of the festival is celebrated with amazing fireworks. So most of the shops sell a wide range of fireworks. Diwali crackers list include colorful sparklers, fancy fountains, multi colored rockets, big and small bombs, chakras, etc. These Diwali fireworks are meant drive the evil spirits away. The festival has its roots in the Hindu mythology, wherein people celebrated Lord Rama's victory over the demon-king Ravana by lighting diyas and bursting firecrackers. The shopping season not only ends here, but it is continued with Bhai Dooj. On this day, every sister prays for her brother's good health and prosperity. Whereas, every brother promises to look after her and protect her life long. This festival is celebrated by exchanging sweets and gifts. Thus Diwali is not just a festival of lights, but a lot of shopping.

Wish you a Happy Diwali and a Happy New Year!

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