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MWRRA starts process to release 12.84 TMC water into Jayakwadi dam

The Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority(MWRRA) has started the process of releasing 12.84 TMC water to Mararthwadas Jayakwadi dam situated in Aurangabad district from upstream dams situated in Ahmednagar and Nashik districts under tight security.

On October 17, in a meeting at GMIDC office here, the MWRRA had directed the GMIDC to releasewater of 12.84 TMC from various dams of Nashik and Ahmednagar district as per the equitable distribution of water under the MWRRA Act 2005.

However, last night irate farmers and political leaders reached the Gangapur dam in Nashik district and opposed the release of water by agitating near the control room. Later the irrigation officials stopped the release of water as per the direction from Water Resources Minister Girish Mahajan. However, discharge of water has been started again this morning amidst tight security.

The district administration has in fact, set up special squads to avoid stopping of illegal lifting of water in a way the electricity department had enforced load shedding in such areas to avoid lifting water through pumpsets.

MWRRA had issued an order to release total 12.84 TMC water into Jayakwadi dams under the quitable sharing water act. Out of 12.84 TMC water, 6.50 TMC would be released from Pravara river dams Bhandardara, Nilwande, Aadhala and Bhojapur, 3.24 TMC from Godavri river dams Aalandi, Darana, Kadwa, Bham, Bhavali, Vaki, Mukane, Valdevi, 1.74 TMC from Mula river dams Mand, Ohal, Mula and 1.36 TMC from Gangapur dam suited at Godavari and Gautami dam in Nashik.

According to the GMIDC sources,, water from Mula has been released at the speed of 2000 cuses, Nilwande at 1000 cuses, Dharna at 1500 cuses and Gangapur at 1000 cuses. However, political parties and farmers, including sugar factory owners from Ahmednagar and Nashik opposed the decision of MWRRA act and moved the High Court to get a stay, but the court turned down their request.

In a counter move, activists from political parties including Shiv Sena, Congress, RPI, and NGOs also staged a protest against the objection raised by the people and political leaders from Ahmednagar and Nashik districts against the decision of the MWRRA order.

Meanwhile, BJP MLA. Prashant Bamb from Gangapur Assembly constituency in Aurangabad district has called a meeting of all elected public representatives of the Marathwada region comprising eight districts to discuss the rightful sharing of water from upstream dams and other developmental issues related to the backward Marathwada region here today at Tapdiya Natyamandir.

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