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Shiv Sena offers Diwali sweets to drought-affected farmers

Shiv Sena Yuva morcha president Aditya Thackeray today said that even though they are in alliance with the government, they are continuously helping the drought affected farmers in the region on party level. Junior Thackeray, who was in city today to distribute Diwali Faral (sweets) to the ten thousand affectedfarmers in the district at Sri Hari Pavilion said that, since last three to four years, a dangerous situation has prevailed in the Marathwada region due to scanty rainfall resulting in suicides by several affected farmers, which is quite shameful. State Government has announced several measures to tackle the situation in the region but as a party, Shiv Sena is separately providing financial assistance, grains and now offering Diwali sweets to the affected farmers.

In a programme today, the party gave Diwali sweets to five thousand affected farmers and remaining fivethousand families will get the sweets within next two days. Talking about recent anti-encroachment drive under taken by the district administration in which some of the Hindu religion temple structures were removed at Waluj locality, he said that, such temples should be conserved but houses of farmers are also like temples which have collapsed due to the dangerous situation prevailing due to continuous drought situation in the region. It may be noted that Shiv Sena President Uddhav Thackeray earlier visited the region and provided financial help to affected farmers in Aurangabad district, Osmanabad district and other places in the region.

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