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Marathwada-Vidarbha region takes lead in organ donation

In a second such inspiring incident within a fortnight in Marathwada-Vidarbha region, otherwise in news for drought and scarcity, organs of a brain dead young man have been successfully harvested to save four lives. The vital organs of 39-year-old Sunil Budhwant were harvested successfully in city based Set Nandalal Dhoot hospital this morning after he was declared dead due to the brain hemorrhage. This is the second incident within fortnight.

On January 15, successful procedure of the first harvesting of organs of 24-year-old brain dead youth Ram Magar from Vidarbha region was done. Talking to UNI, Dr Vijay Borgaonkar of Seth Nandalal Dhoot hospital and a member of organ harvesting team said that Sunil Budhwant,39, was under treatment in MIT hospital since last five days for brain hemorrhage. After he was declared brain dead, the team of doctors convinced his family members the importance of donating organs, which can save life of four others. 

As the members of the deceased family agreed to donate organs, the Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee in Mumbai was approached and a case-based permission sought from the state assistant director of health services for the cadaver donation. All the legal process was completed by hospital authorities.The procedure of conducting organ harvesting was started around 0730 hours and was successfully completed at 1030 hours today by team of experts including Dr Ravindra Bhattu, Dr Devdutt Palnitkar, Dr Vaishali Deshpande, Dr Vaishali Choure from Dhoot hospital, Dr Sachin Soni and Dr Ajay Oswal from Kamalnayan Bajaj hospital including experts Dr Bokil and Dr Mahesh from Ruby Hall Pune, Dr Sandip Sinha, Dr Vijay Sheetty, Dr Sanjiv KumarJadhav, Dr Santosh Sorate from Fortis Hospital of Mumbai, said Dr Borgaonkar.

Two kidneys, liver and heart are harvested from the bodyof Budhwant. Of these, a renal transplant operation to a needy patientwas in progress at Dhoot Hospital while the other kidney has been sentto Kamlanayan Bajaj Hospital.With the help of air ambulance, liver has beensent to the Ruby Hall, Pune and heart has been sent tothe Fortis Hospital, Mulund in Mumbai where operation oftransplanting the organs was in progress, Dr Borgaonkar added.Earlier, on January 15, organ harvesting of a 24-year-old brain dead accident victim from Vidarbha region, was successfully performedby the team of doctors of United Sigma hospital here and experts doctors from Mumbai.

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