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Organ harvesting performed at SND Hospital in Aurangabad

Organ harvesting performed at SND Hospital in Aurangabad

An organ harvesting procedure was successfully performed here this morning at Seth Nandalal Dhoot Hospital by an expert team of  doctors. The feat comes after two successful organ harvesting operations performed last month on brain dead patients in different hospitals in Aurangabad city in Marathwada region of Maharashtra. With this, the Marathwada region has taken a lead in donating human organs to save human lives.

Dr Hemanshu Gupta, administrator of the Hospital, said that a patient identified at Rambhau Ubale (28), resident of Wai village in Jalna district was admitted to the hospital on February 18, after he met with an accident when he was returning to his home. He was declared brain dead by doctors committee here yesterday.The team of doctors consulted his family members who agreed to donate organs which could save four others. 
Rambhau, a tempo driver, is survived by wife Mangala, two children Hrukikesh and Rupali, three brothers and three sisters. The Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee in Mumbai was approached and a case-based permission from the state assistant director of health services for the cadaver donation was sought . All the legal processes were completed by last evening, he said.
''The procedure of conducting organ harvesting was started early this morning and it was successfully completed around 1000 hours today by various teams of doctors,'' said Dr Gupta.
''Renal, heart and liver were successfully removed from the body of Rambhau. The heart had been sent throught Navy charter plane to the Fortis hospital at Chennai, liver was sent to the Ruby hall, Pune through green corridor ambulance and one renal has been kept in our hospital and another renal has been sent to Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital here, ''Dr Gupta added.
Earlier last month, the first organ harvesting was performed on January 15, at United Sigma Hospital here from a brain dead patient who met with a road accident in Virdharba region and another was held on January 30 at Seth Nandalal Dhoot Hospital from the body of 39-year-old Sunil Budhwant, a teacher who was declared brian dead due to brain hemorrhage.

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