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Use helmets to prevent head injury after crash : neurosurgeon

The two-wheeler riders can reduce the incidence of head injury and severe head injury after a crash by wearing helmets, a city-based neurosurgeon said today. Addressing a news conference here on the topic of how the compulsory use of a helmet provides safety to the two-wheeler riders, neurosurgeon Dr Jeevan Rajput explained that if a rider is wearing helmet during the road accident, the intensity of shock to the head will be less by 45 per cent, which will definitely safeguard the brain from injury.

The use of helmets by motorcyclists decreases the overall rate of fatalities following motorcycle accident when compared with riders without helmets, he said. The regular use of the helmet will protect the riders form polluted air, dust as well as will help them to keep away from respiratory diseases, he added.

Dr Rajput suggested to the riders to use a full-size and close-fitting helmet for the safety of the head of the rider. The Aurangabad District Police has made wearing of helmets compulsory in the district from February one onwards.

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