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First generic medical store open in Aurangabad

First generic medical store opened in city at Mhada colony shopping centre near Baba petrol pump that offers very low cost medicine. This is an initiative of some non government organisation (NGO) and state government of Maharashtra.
The aim is to provide life saving medicine's to poor and needy person in very low cost prices. Addressing a press conference here today the shop owner, Shekar Patil said in our store, "Jan Aushadhi" nearly 400 types of high quality generic drug remedy for diabetic, heart ailment, bloodpressure, gastro along with vitamins and antibiotic will be available at low prices to helpful for poor class and needy patients. After Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur we have made an entry here adding that soon we will occupy all districts, he said.
Explaining about generic medicine Mr Patil said, generic medicine are copies of branded medicine which have same dosage, effects, side effects, risks, safety.
The pharmacological effects of generic medicines are exactly the same as branded medicines.
Talking on price issue, Mr Patil said to develop any new formulation of medicine, the compines have to spend huge amount of money on research and development and after development a lot ofmoney again spend on marking and promotions whereas, a generic medicine manufacturer does not have to spend this amount.

"Generic medicine manufacturers follows standards issued by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) so quality for generic and branded are same but comparatively much cheaper, he added.
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