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5 Best Tips for Google Adsense Income Booster

Most of people out there was wondering why other bloggers earn lot more than them. I mean, why some bloggers earn USD 100 a day, while others earn 1000 or more for a single day! Well, there must be some secret of how they managed to capture those clicks or traffic, right? So if you want to make the most out of your traffic and fully tap into your blog’s or website’s income potential - here’s how you do it:
Identify Top Landing Pages
  • Once your webpages are indexed by the engines, search engine traffic usually flows more or less steadily and converts well for contextual advertisement programs like Google AdSense. For our approach, identify your webpages with the most search engine traffic in the ‘Top landing pages’
  • Find Related Topics with High AdWords BidsYou probably already have ads on your top search engine traffic pages (you should and you must!), and they’re even optimized in terms of ad placement and targeting (they should be!). So how exactly are you going to increase your income even further? Easy: you want to guide your visitors from the top landing pages to related content specifically designed around high paying Adsense keywords relevant to the top pages’ topics. So fire up your web browser and go to Google’s Keyword Tool. Enter broad terms describing your top landing pages’ topics and see how much a click would cost on AdWords for related topics/niches.Let’s say one of your top landing pages reviews golf clubs. Enter ‘golf’ and sort the results by CPC (Cost-Per-Click). It seems like people are willing to pay most for ‘golf vacations’, ‘golf holidays’ and ‘golf clothes’ on Adwords. The keyword describing the page’s content (‘golf club reviews’) is further down the list with a much lower CPC.
  • Write Content Around High Paying KeywordsNow write articles or even create new niche websites around the high paying keywords you identified in the previous step. Be sure to include the relevant keywords in the page title and in headers so the AdSense bot gets the context right and displays ads for which people are bidding high. Putting emphasis (bold & italics) on the keywords near the ads helps too.
  • Guide Visitors to your Gold Mines
  • With the revenue optimized content in place, all you’ve got to do now is to place links from the top landing pages to your new pages with the high paying ads on them. Don’t change too much on your top pages at once as changes might affect your rankings - so be careful!
  • Let the Dollars Roll In

Monitor the results, optimize, treat yourself to a beer and watch the cash flow. It’s a good idea to carefully track traffic to your top landing pages and the AdSense channels you assigned to the high paying ads. Also play with where you place the links on the top pages and optimize the targeting of the high paying ads. Enjoy!

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