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Sahastrakund Water Fall in Nanded District

Sahastrakund waterfall on the Banganga River in Murli village is an unbelievable site. Murli village is located in the Nanded District of Maharashtra State, India. The water falls will be available round the year, as river Banganga makes from four to five places only to meet the Holy Godavari River. The Rock Pattern is equally interesting, as the black rock appears like a metal and as if wet. In reality the wetness is due to the shine it adores. The southwest part is picturesque site. 100 kms from Nanded to Sahastrakund Water fall on bhokar-Kinwat Raod.

Sahastrakund is a very serene yet very seldom visited by the tourists waterfall, which is situated at a distance of 50 km from Nirmal. The watch tower nearby gives a spectacular view of the waterfall and the sound of water passing with great speed across its rocky terrain is almost therapeutic to hear. The sight itself is almost magical with its natural lush green setting and crystal clear white water flowing past the terrain, untouched completely by an sort of commercial and tourist activity, Sahastrakund Waterfall is a visual delight depicting the abundant beauty of nature at its best. 
This picturesque site is well connected by the railway station (just about 6 km away) and has a lot of good places to stay nearby and small quaint shops selling very basic snacks around the place adding its own charm to this spectacular waterfall. Follow how to reach link.

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