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256Years Old Man Breaks The Silence Before His Death And Reveals SHOCKING Secrets To The World

Do you know the average life expectancy of human? It’s around 70 – 80 in the west. Japan which is known to have many long-lived people and listed as the country with higher life expectancy has an overall lifespan around 84. Now, what do you think if there’s someone who live more than 200 years?

Li Ching Yuen was a man who lived for 256 years, four times of the average life expectancy people has in Japan. According to an article published in New York Times in 1930, Wu Chung Chieh, a professor of the Chengdu University shown an Imperial Chinese government record from 1827 where he was congratulating Li Ching-Yuen on his 150th birthday.

There’s also another document from 1877 which found later on that display the professor congratulating Li on his 200th birthday. An interesting fact that was written by a journalist of The New York Times in 1928 stated that many old men in Li’s neighborhood said that they knew Li from their grandfather. At the time their grandfathers were little boys, Li was already an adult.

Li learned to read and write at a very early age. He the age of 10, he began his career as an herbalist and already visited Tibet, Siam, Annam, Shansi, Kansu, and Manchuria to collect herbs. He went to the mountain to gather herbs and kept learning about the power of longevity. His nutrition was mainly based on her like goji berry, wild ginseng, Lingzhi, Gotu Kola, he shoo wu, and rice wine. He became an herbalist for 100 years before started to sell herbs collected by other people.


In 1749, he joined the Chinese armies at the age of 71 to become a teacher of martial art. Li was known as a loving person. During his life time, he was married for 23 times and had more than 200 children. It really amazing how someone can live for more than 200 years. But someone who used to learn from Li said that Li wasn’t the only person who live for more than 200 years. He stated that there was someone who live for 500 years. It was a man who taught him Qigong exercise and gave him advices about his nutrition to help him life longer.

When he was about to die, Li said that he had done everything he wanted to do in this world. Li was asked about the secret to longevity. The replied by saying that the trick is have a quite heart, sleeping like a dog, walking like a pigeon, and sitting like a tortoise.  That’s what the Wu Pei-Fu, the warlord heard from Li when he invited Li to come to his house to learn about the secret of longevity. Le believed that the combination of a calm and peaceful mind with a proper breathing techniques would do a miracle to our lifespan. His nutrition was one of the most important key of his longevity. However, it’s his state of mind that Li said was contribute a lot to his long life.

It’s really about how someone could live for more than 250 years. But probably, many people are still skeptical about the story. If we refer to the average lifespan of human’s life which is between 70 – 80 years, the story above really seems too good to be true.

However, you also need to consider about how life style contribute a lot to our health. Look at the life we live in. Stressful job, polluted air, lack of physical activity, are the part of our daily. Even all that play a big role in developing some disease that could lead to death. Not to mention kind of meals we have daily. Sugar, flour, fatty meals, GMO foods are common ingredients in our cuisine. We also let many chemical substance entering our bodies through tobacco, alcohol, and antibiotics. It’s pretty clear that our life style is the one that contribute to the decrement of our lifespan.

If we compare our hectic days and unhealthy diet to a healthy life style someone has in the nature, there will be a lot of gap in the result. Let’s do a simple comparison. What do you feel when you take a short trip to the beach or the mountain? Spend a lot of time under the sun, practice breathing techniques and learn how to meditate. Let go of all the stressful thought inside your mind and let your mind be in a peaceful state. You will come back from your vacation feeling energized. You will feel like you’ve been rejuvenated. Imagine what would happen if you spend your entire life in the trip. I suppose reaching 100th birthday wouldn’t be just a dream anymore.


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