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Drinking Milk With Jaggery Best Beneficial

Many of us feel that intake of sugar increases our weight.But instead of sugar everyone can take jaggery.There are many health benefits of jaggery.Daily every one takes sugar by mixing it with milk.Instead of that taking milk by mixing it with jaggery is very good for health and beauty.Daily we drink milk to make our bones strong.But it can be made more useful my mixing with jaggery.

Health Benefits of Jaggery :

1.Purifies Blood : This jaggery purifies our blood very well.So daily intaking of jaggery is good for health.

2.Improves the digestion : Jaggery reduces the digestion problem.If one want to eat any sweet suddenly,you can have the peice of jaggery.It makes us healthy.

3.Reduces joint pains : This jaggery reduces the joint pains.Daily eating the jaggery with a peice of ginger decreases the joint pains and makes your joints strong.

4.Increase beauty : This jaggery makes the skin smooth and healthy.By eating this jaggery hair becomes healthy.It is also used to cure pimples and acne.

5.Cures Menstrual problems : Many of the ladies suffer with stomach pain during and before periods.By taking 1 tsp of jaggery daily can releive the premenstrual symptoms and pains.

6.Prevents pregnancy anaemia : Jaggery reduces the anaemia that causes during pregnancy.Anaemia means lack of red blood cells.Due to the anaemia the pregnant women feel tired .This problem can be cured by taking jaggery daily.


Uses of jaggery:

Someone feels difficult to eat jaggery directly.So the milk can be made more tasty by mixing jaggery with milk.There are many uses and benefits of jaggery.

1.For Asthma and bronchitis ,make the laddoos of black sesame and jaggery.

2.For weakness,eat a tsp of jaggery twice a day.

3.For muscle strength ,drink the milk by mixing jaggery with it.

4.For tiredness take a 3tsp of jaggery a day.

5.For menstrual disorders take a tsp of jaggery a day.

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