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How to stop Facebook from getting your WhatsApp data !

WhatsApp plans to share its users’ phone numbers with Facebook, the first time the messaging app has allowed the two services to connect data since Facebook bought it two years ago. The messaging app’s new privacy policy, published on Thursday, gives it permission to connect Facebook accounts to WhatsApp accounts for the first time. This will give Facebook more data about users, allowing the social network to suggest phone contacts as friends, but may spark privacy concerns.


How to stop Facebook from getting your WhatsApp data

While the contents of WhatsApp messages such as words and images are end-to-end encrypted, meaning that the app cannot read them, it does have data including phone numbers and information about users' phones and operating systems. Many Facebook users already share their phone number and address book with the app, but some choose not to, saying they want to keep their number – which many work colleagues may have – separate from their personal life on Facebook.

How to stop Facebook from getting your WhatsApp data

For now there is a way to opt out of WhatsApp and Facebook's information sharing - but you'll need to do it soon.  The first option to opt out is given when WhatsApp asks you to agree to its updated terms and conditions. Instead of tapping Agree selected "Read more about the key updates to our Terms and Privacy Policy". In here there is a checkbox next to "Share my account info" that refers to the controversial new information sharing between WhatsApp and Facebook. Uncheck this box to remove the permission to do so. 

If you have already accepted the new terms without deselecting this box you have 30 days to revoke the permission. In the app go to Settings -> Account -> Share my account info and uncheck the box.  WhatsApp has not sent the updated permissions request to all of its users yet. If you have not been asked to approve the terms then you are currently not affected by the changes. 

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