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Tips to Speed Up Google Chrome on Mac and Windows

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser amongst customers. It has some unique features that allow you enjoy one of the best browsing experience. While Google Chrome is loved by many, it can have bugs due to which your internet speed can lowered down. Chrome is a hub of various features, extensions and applications. They all work simultaneously while you are using your web browser. But the good news is that we can surely improve its quality, speed and sensitivity with a variety of Tips & Tricks. Today we will explore top 6 tips and tricks to improve Google Chrome's speed on your Laptop. 

Deactivate Unwanted Plugins
Plugins apparently reduce the speed of your internet. They are much like Extensions that slows down your internet speed. Certainly, Google Chrome comes with built in plugins provided by Google like Native client or Chrome Pdf Viewer etc. It may carry plugins from other applications and softwares. Therefore hindering your internet speed and quality. To disable unwanted Plugins :-
  • Step 1 - Go to address bar and type “Chrome://plugins”
  • Step 2 - Press on disable the plugins you don’t want.
Deactivate extensions if you want
Extensions are an extended functionality of Google Chrome. Few of them may be helpful but most of them are avoidable. Therefore, you can manage to disable the extensions that are not necessary to you. To disable unnecessary extensions:-
  • Step 1 - Go to Chrome’s Options > More tools > Extensions. 
  • Step 2 - Either click on the trash button to delete the extension or untick the extensions you don’t want and are avoidable.
Deactivate web applications
Chrome is not just a web browser, it is a hub of web applications that allow you to use a particular software as well as technology. Chrome can definitely run locally installed apps like JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. Web apps are really not useful as they do not loads any resources like website’s do. Thus to disable web apps:-
  • Step 1 - Go to address bar and type “Chrome://apps”.
  • Step 2 - Right click on the application you don’t want, click on “remove from chrome” and finally press on “Remove” button. 
Empower Prefetch resources
Google Chrome's comes with unlimited features to explore. They are quite important and interesting features to know, for example, network prediction, word correction and resource preloader. Prefetch resource allows your chrome to give suggestions about the pages you are going to open next. To enable Prefetch resources:-
  • Step 1 - Open Options > Settings > show advanced settings.
  • Step 2 - Click on “Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly” option.
Empower Secret Hacks
Google has many secret and experimental features that allow you to experience new technology on your web browser. Though these secret features are quite good, they can be useless for most of the customers. For some they might not work, for some it might not be so good. Undoubtedly, there are some experiments that boost the browser's speed and quality. It boost up the page loading and rendering engine. Still if you feel it should be disabled you can disable it from the settings of your web browser. 

Fast Window close
The Window or Tab option allows your browser to respond faster to the user's command. It enables the Tab to close the tab or window by a faster process. To enable the feature:-
  • Step 1 - In the address bar type “Chrome://flags/#enable-fast-unload”.
  • Step 2 - Enable the feature and relaunch the web browser.
Wrap up
These were simple yet effective ways to increase your Google Chrome’s speed and quality. You can try them all easily. Please remember to disable these features can create disturbance in your web browser, thus, change the settings at your own risk. Thank You!

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