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8 things that can annoy an interviewer

Job interview is one of the most decisive event of a professional’s life. Your interview depends majorly on who is taking your interview but there are a few things that are common for all interviewers, and that includes what can irritate them. Here is a list of things that interviewees are known to do and which simply annoy the interviewers.

Checking cell phoneHey! Concentrate on the interview. Checking your phone for messages is the worst thing you could do while in the interview room. You need to have it on silent or switched off.

Yawning/slouchingIf you are tired, you shouldn’t be there. Being alert and sitting in the appropriate posture is important to show your eagerness and competence.

LyingInterviewers do their research. If they catch you lying to their faces and then denying it when they point it out to you, well, you need to leave or they will show you out.

‘What’s in it for me?’If you show too much interest in the benefits you will get than on what job you’ll be doing, well you are not as interested as you claim to be.

Being too earlyBeing early is good. That means 10 minutes before assigned appointment. Being an hour early annoys the interviewers because it means that you need to be attended to when you are free, rather than when they are free.

Begin with what you can changeIf they ask you why you want to take up the job and you reply that you feel such and such is the problem with the company which you feel you can solve-then, you are n trouble. It might show your research prowess but you should wait for them to ask you if you find any problems than slapping it across their faces.

Comment on interviewer’s appearanceKeep your thoughts to yourself about how the interviewer looks. Talking about their age or gender or appearance will not help you.

Back talk your previous bossYou should never do that as it shows that you back talk about people and might not be conducive to the office environment.

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