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Hazur Sahib Gurudwara Nanded | Hazur Sahib Nanded

One amongst the five takhts in Sikhism, Hazur Sahib Nanded is considered as a holy place for the Sikhs and is thronged by a large number of devotees every year. Among all the pious places to visit near Aurangabad, this seat of temporal authority sits on the banks of the gurgling Godavari River in the Maharashtrian city called Nanded. Built to commemorate the death of the Sikh leader Guru Gobind Sahib, the gurdwara was built during 1832 and 1837 by Maharaja Ranit Singh. During 2008, Hazur Sahib completed its 300 years and celebrated the Gurudomship Ceremony or Shri Guru GranthSahibji along with the 300th death anniversary of Guru GobindSinghji.

Visit this historic and religious place, discover and revisit the glorious history of the Sikhs! Among the many different Aurangabad places to visit, this is in fact the only place that will get you acquainted with the valorous tales of Guru Gobind Sahib.

A Gurudwara was constructed by Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji at the site where Guru Gobind Singh ji breathed his last. It took 5 years to complete (1832-1837). It is revered as "Sachkhand Sri Hazur Abchal Nagar Sahib". This historical shrine, which is one of the five Takhts (thrones) of the Sikhs is situated near Godavari river. It is visited by lakhs of devotees throughout the year. It is a two-storey building. Its interior is artistically ornamented in the style of Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar. The walls of the inner room called Angitha Sahib have been covered with golden plates. The dome is polished and on the pinnacle is the kalash made of gold plated copper.

The building stands on a high base and has a small square room on the second floor bearing the gilded ribbed dome topped with a tall gilded pinnacle and umbrella shaped finial. There are some rooms in the basement too, so that the edifice is technically four-storied. Corners of the roof of the first floor are decorated with domed kiosks on octagonal pedestals. Other embellishments on the exterior included oriel windows and a fancy fencing on the roof top. Inside, the sanctum it has marble lining decorated with inset work in floral patterns on lower parts of the walls and stucco and tukari work on the upper parts as well as on the ceiling. Guru Granth Sahib is seated in the room in front of the sanctum during the day time only and at night it is brought inside and placed on a marbled platform. During the day there are some old weapons and other relics such as a golden dagger, a matchlock gun, a quiver with 35 arrows, two bows, a steel shield studded with precious stones and five golden swords. All these are placed on a marbled platform.

The building complex of the Takhat Sahib is spread over several hectares. It also includes two other shrines, Bunga Mai Bhago ji (comprising a large room where Guru Granth Sahib is seated) and Angitha Sahib (place of cremation). Guru Gobind Singhji, while conferring Guruship on the holy Book, had named Nanded region as Abchalnagar (steadfast city). The word Sachkhand (region of Truth) was used to mean the abode of God.

How to Reach Gurudwara Nanded By Road
Nanded is 650 km east of Mumbai by road. It is about 4-5 hours drive from Aurangabad and 11 hours from Pune. Nanded Its about approximate 250 km from Hyderabad. Several passenger bus services operate out of Nanded providing easy overnight connectivity with all most every major city in Maharashtra. These buses are reasonably priced fairly punctual. The comfort level differs greatly from operator to operator. More over buses from state transport corporation are also available from the all major cities from Maharastra and Hyderabad.

How to Reach Gurudwara Nanded By Rail
Sachkhand express is a special super fast train being stared from Amritsar to direct Nanded other wise many other trains are also linked with the railway network for the Nanded. Currently Nanded railway line is connected to Mumbai via Manmad and Hyderabad via Secunderabad The detail of train timing are given below. As the part of its constant endeavour to facilitate the smooth pilgrimage to the Takhat Sahib, the Management Board has facilitated the setting up of a computerized railway reservation counter. The Gurudwara management Board has provided the required infrastructure to the railway authorities for housing the railway reservation counter at the Gurudwara complex for online reservation facility. Very soon railway reservation will be done at Gurudwara complex itself.

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