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With onset of Ramadan, Aurangabad sees surge in sale of dates

The month of Ramadan has begun and a vast majority of Muslim population will be fasting for a large number of days. According to statistics, India has the third largest Muslim population in the world. With the advent of Ramadan, shopkeepers selling dates in Aurangabad district of Marthwada in Maharashtra did see their business going a notch higher. Mehfoozur Rehman Faroqui, one of the dates seller, told ANI, "The dates, preferred by Muslims Rozeydar to break their day-long fast are available in as many as fifty five types of varieties in the markets, ranging from 70 Rupees per kg to 450 Rupees per kg. Certain varieties of dates cost as high as anywhere from 1800 Rupees to 6000 Rupees per kg but that does not prevent people from purchasing this fruit."

A slew of imported varieties include Premium Emirates Dates, Dates De Tunisie, Quwwat dates, Amin dates, Maryami dates from Iran, L'Madina, K.R.A.F.T, Piyarom and etc. The dates are being imported from various nations and have commenced coming in different flavours costing more than the plain-simple dates. Mohammad Arif, a buyer said that, "Dates are vitamins and minerals packed and, therefore, it is imperative for every Muslim Rozeydar to consume them. Even doctors recommend eating dates as they help in regulating hemoglobin." Traders said that the Saudi Arabia dates, which come in one kilogram packages, are more in demand this year.

Dates are mostly imported from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Maskat, Oman and Kuwait. They help in increasing the hemoglobin (Hbg) level in the body. During Ramadan, people break Roza by eating dates which eventually enhance the demand and supply of the dates during Ramadan. (ANI)

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