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'Tablingi Ijtema-2018' enters day 2

The state level Three-days 'Tablingi Ijtema-2018' (Preaching Congregation) entered second day on Sunday. The event is witnessing tremendous rush of  participants with still some arriving from across from the country. According to the organising committee members, the number of participants had already crossed their expectations on the very first day itself. On the second day today after morning mass 'Namaz-e-Fjar', talks with Ulema was under progress in main pandal and being addressed to the participants.

In the afternoon after the lunch break, Umoomi will address the mass gathering. Later in theevening mass wedding (Nikah) will be held in which more than 2,000 pairs of grooms and brides will tie nuptial knot in presence of all the several lakhs of participants. All participants are strictly following the instructions and the preaching congregation event is going smoothly without any disturbance with the help of volunteers. On February 26, which is concluding day of Ijtema, special prayer Mukhtasar discussion will be held. Later concluding speech of Ijtema will be delivered. On 1100 hrs 'Duaa' will be sought for all by Maulana Saad Saahab DB and all the scholers.

While preaching to gathering on first day, Maulana Shaukat said,'' Allah (God) made man his servant.. and mosques are the best place to turn yourself into good human being.'' Maulana said, ''The world will move at your instruction until you follows Allah's order and sacrifice yourself in the path of Allah. He (Allah) can change your failure into success, insult into fame and death into life.

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