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Will BJP win upcoming 2019 elections

Winning the elections is just about retaining a voting arithmetic, yet managing expectations and most importantly sentiments of the masses. In the current scenario though BJP is favourite due to various reasons yet complacency might affect the end results:

1. There is not much negativity to the overall image of the government at the centre in the eyes of the public. The national media and intellectuals along with the left etc. do have very little influence because of their own limitations. English media is not watched very much by the general Indian population.

2. Many positive points are there for the ruling party due to their mass oriented policies and schemes like Swachha Bharat, Jan Dhan etc. There are ministers like Mr. Gadkari, Mr. Piyush Goyal, Mrs. Sushmaji etc. who are delivering well and also maintaining very good reputation in the public.

3. BJP is still holding to certain points greatly appeals to the Indian youth which not only includes economy, technological advancement and business etc. in comparison to the left and socialists which are not moving beyond their narrative of protection of ‘secular’ India. India is most certainly secular from many thousands of years. However the BJP government should not let fringe elements speak for them since this gives a bad name to the Central Government and diminishes the good work of the government. They should rather work more on Job creation and bettering avenues to develop economic environment.

4. The opposition is divided without any focussed agendas and most likely be divided further because they still lack a common vision beyond their self-driven motives and lack of robust opposition issues. With Nitish walking out of the cumulative opposition, the strength of the opposition seems to be the weakest. Mamata and left is never expected to join hands together though BJP has gained a lot of grounds in Bengal. Though it will not be enough to challenge Didi in state elections but the centre will be a different game altogether. The Delhi experiment of Kejriwal’s AAP is not performing well in Delhi with all the infighting and immaturity from their national leaders. Parties in the southern India are also not in a position to give a consolidated opposition for the formation of the united front led by Congress since Congress itself is shrinking to its lowest tally post 2014 general elections.

5. BJP has smartly segmented the voter pockets and they target these pockets with surgical precision. The huge middle class of Urban is ever growing in size and contributes to a big chunk of votes for BJP. Also at the moment BJP’s technology wing is very active though Congress is also catching up fast.

However, these positives also has major threats like Government inability to stop the fringe elements from taking law and order in their hands and also the major issues of unemployment growing aggressively in India young population. It will be interesting to see how BJP counters all these in the coming months. Let us know about your thoughts by adding your comments below.