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Aadhar Yuva Manch of Aurangabad celebrates Holi with 1000

Aadhar Yuva Manch of Aurangabad celebrated Holi with 1000 orphans from various Niradhar Balgrugh across from the city at N-4 Ground on Thursday. Talking to UNI, Yuva Manch President Somanth Bombale said the manch had decided to celebrate the holi festival with 1000 orphans (Anath), including 150 girls, from the various Balgruha. As soon as they assembled at N-4 Ground all were welcomed by the organsioners with providing them juice and later all were turbaned by the organizers. A procession was taken out around the venue with them sitting in a special Rath.

On the occasion different political personalities, including Rajendra Darda, Ambadas Danve, Vinod Patil, among others, were present to spend some time with them and interact with them and know their difficulties, Bombale said. He said, ''Our main aim to organise such event was to reach out to the orphans who always was deprived to celebrate such joyful events in their life.'' During the event most of the orphans felt happiness. The Yuva Manch also provided them afternoon meals and dry food powder packets to each orphans, Mr Bombale added.