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Services paralysed at GMCH, Aurangabad due to strike called by resident doctors

The health services at the Government Medical Colleges and Hospital (GMCH) in Aurangabad was affected on second day in a row due to the strike called by the Resident Doctors from yesterday in protest against the attack on one of the doctors and manhandled others by the relatives of patients on night of Wednesday. Over the 300 resident doctors began their strike since yesterday morning resulting in number of patients in GMCH seen returning their home without treatment.

All the scheduled operations were cancelled due to the strike most of the routine services was affected, several patient suffered inconvenience because of the strike. The striking doctors are demanding strict action against the attackers and said they are not able to work in such situation until protection to all of them. Dr Harshal Chavan was assaulted by the mob of relatives of the patients after he asked them so not stop near patients except two persons. 

However, the medical services were not hampered as the seniors doctors , House officers, trainee medical officers , interns and medical officers were on the duty and they performed emergencyoperations, said GMCH sources.