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Top 15 Facts of India 2018 Important Must Read

Top 15 Facts of India 2018

01. let’s talk about our country’s amazing facts, first of all, we should proud of our country and law.

02. India is the only country which has the ‘NATIONAL ANTHEM’ of the world so we should respect it.

03. Our country is the only country which is ‘POLIO FREE’ after overpopulation.

04. In the USA 40% Doctors are Indian 38% scientists are Indian 45% Engineers are Indian and near all over the world in every country, Indians are living.

05. Our country has the largest milk and rice production in the world.

06. Our country has 3rd largest and most powerful army in the world.

07. Only in our has all type of religion and after it most unity.

08. In our country, people love to keep a beard.

09. in 3 employees of Apple is Indian.

10. 36% of employees in Microsoft are Indians.

11. Only India has the broadest history of the world.

12. Most users of social media are of the world are Indian.

13. Most varieties of languages are in India in the world.

14. India has the largest family in the world.

15. Only in India treatment of patients are in very less cost.

16. India is the 3rd country which reaches on the Mars and first country which 
reach on its first attempt and lowest cost.