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For mobile SIM, voter ID, passport, or license – Aadhaar is no longer needed

This development came after the Supreme Count issuing an interim order on March 14, stating an indefinite extension of the deadline to link Aadhaar with mobile numbers, bank accounts and passports. Aadhaar is no longer needed to get a mobile connection. Telecom companies will now be accepting other documents also, like driving license, passport and voter ID, since the Centre directed them to implement the new rule immediately.

The previous deadline was of March 31 and Supreme Court issued an interim order on 14th March which indefinitely extends the deadline for linking Aadhaar to mobile phone numbers, bank accounts, passports and other services. Dipak Misra, Chief Justice, headed a five-judge bench and mentioned that till the time no judgment comes on the constitutionality of “unique identification programme”, Aadhaar is no longer needed to be linked to these services.

Aadhaar is no longer needed: Times of India reported on Wednesday “To buy a mobile SIM, you no longer need an Aadhaar card”. Telecom companies have been directed by the government to accept alternative documents like passport, driving license and voter ID. Quoting Telecom Secretary, Aruna Sundararajan, it also mentioned that telecom operators need to follow the new rule immediately.

Supreme Court has indefinitely extended the deadline: On March 14, the Supreme Court extended the deadline of March 31 for mandatory linking of Aadhaar Card in order to avail various welfare schemes run by the government and services until the Constitution Bench delivers its verdict on validity of the 12-digit biometric number and the enabling law.
Extension of deadline applies to Aadhaar-mobile number linking: The deadline extension also applies to the mandatory linking of Aadhaar with mobile phone numbers and bank accounts. The Constitution Bench is hearing petitions that have challenged the constitutional validity of Aadhaar Card and its enabling Act.