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Ramadan 2018 India Timetable: Sehri, Iftar Timings For Mumbai

Ramadan 2018 India Timetable: Sehri, Iftar Timings For Mumbai

Ramadan 2018 or Ramzan in India will either begin from Thursday, May 16 or Friday, May 17, depending on moon sighting. During Ramadan, Muslims observe dawn-to-dusk fast. Here’s the Ramadan 2018 India Timetable, in which you can check out Sehri and Iftar timings for Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Srinagar, Bengaluru and Chennai. The Ramzan calendar is made to help Muslims know timings for sunrise and sunset so that they can have Sehri before sunrise and break their fast at sunset. Scroll down to check out the Ramadan 2018 India Timetable.

Muslims eat Sehri, which is an Islamic term referring to the meal consumed early in the morning before fasting, and break their fast at Iftar, the evening meal consumed to break the fast at the sunset. Fasting or Roza in the holiest month of Islamic lunar calendar is one of the five pillars of Islam. Muslims skip food from dawn (Fajr) to dusk (Maghrib) during this month. Ramadan is not about fasting that includes abstaining from food or drink, the real purpose is to attain purity and piousness in order to be closer to Allah.

There could be little difference in timing. In India, announcments are also made before the Sehri period ends and for Iftar. This Ramzan calendar is made assuming that the moon would be sighted on Wednesday, May 16. If the moon is sighted on Thursday, May 17, then Ramadan will begin from Friday, May 18.

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