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Road safety program to better road safety in Aurangabad to be in force by Goodyear Tyre, IAHV

As a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative in , Goodyear Tyre has decided to take the lead in improving the road safety measures with partnership with International Association for Human Values (IAHV), a leading global NGO to design and implement a road safety program in Aurangabad. While Sr Sri Ravi Shankar, Art of Living was promoted by the IAHV to implement the road safety measures.

Addressing a joint press conferee here today by the Goodyear, IAHV ,Art of living and Aurangabad police department officials stated that, the IAHV-Goodyear Road Safety Program aimed to improve the road safety measures by improving enforcement infrastructure, creating awareness among citizens on road safety andde-stressing drivers.

On this occasion office bearers Prabhanjan Mahatole, Ankurji Gupta, Dilraj Bedi, Purushotam Vayal, Ankush Bhalekar, Additional Police Director (TRAFFC) R K Padmanaban, Aurangabad police deputycommissioner Rahul Srirame among others were present. As a part of this program, the IAHV team collaborated with the Aurangabad traffic police to install and operationalize CCTV cameras on important road junctions in Aurangabad.

A total of 31 cameras have been installed in nine important junctions and these cameras have been connected to the police control room to enable real time monitoring, they said. This is the first time in Aurangabad that a large company like Goodyear is partnering with the local Police to do a road safety project. This integrated approach to improve the road safety infrastructure as well as to drive behavior change of drivers is really powerful, said Mr Srirame.

As a part of the project activities, Road Safety workshops were held earlier for school bus drivers and school children. These 3 hour long workshops included games; interactive sessions informative videos related to road safety; simple breathing and other techniques to reduce the stress levels and to improve sensitization on road safety measures. More than 500 bus drivers and 500 school children were sensitized via these workshops. 

IAHV's strength is community mobilization by literally driving mind-set change so that the individual takes responsibility of becoming a better human and then inspiring others to change says R Ramesh ,CEO - IAHV. 

In addition, more than 1,200 people took a road safety pledge during the program in which they took a pledge to obey traffic rules, wear seat belts and not to talk on the mobile phone while driving.

As per the annual report released by the State Government, Maharashtra witnessed 42,250 accidents in 2015, in which 13,685 people died and 39,301 were injured. Every day, on an average, as many as 115 road accidents take place in Maharashtra and 37 people die in these mishaps,. The maximum number of road accidents 3,123takes place in Aurangabad.