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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos spotted in Aurangabad with family

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is in a hush-hush trip to India with his family. The multi-billionaire business tycoon was spotted in Aurangabad this afternoon with his wife and children at the airport. According to our sources, Jeff arrived in Aurangabad airport in a private jet and he is here on an unofficial visit to India. His itinerary includes a trip to the Ajanta and Ellora caves and sources revealed that his next destination is a trip to Varanasi.

Ajanta and Ellora enclose grand, mysterious and awe-inspiring cave temples, located in a horseshoe-shaped hillside in the state of Maharastra in India. Some of the world's most beautiful frescos and sculptures encompassing Buddhist, Hindu and Jain beliefs have been found here. Beautiful photographs capture the richness of an ancient ethos.

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